Adhya Educational Society is a not-for-profit society registered in Hyderabad, India. Adhya Academy supports and educates the most vulnerable and neglected children to make a difference in their lives. Our flagship program incorporating our unique teaching and learning model is now mobile all across Hyderabad. Help us support the educational needs of children in underserved environments...

Our Approach

Adhya Academy takes a holistic approach towards training and development; any intervention is incomplete if only one component of the system is addressed in isolation. Therefore, Adhya addresses issues using the system theory approach and aims to include all the players and impact factors to the best extent possible.

Our Mission

To encourage and unleash the inherent potential in children belonging to underserved environments , complex situations and other socially disadvantaged situations by providing quality driven educational life experiences so as to develop life skills, social consciousness of value, critical thinking, civic responsibility and sustainable development through lifelong learning opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to facilitate and nurture sustainable interdependent development of underserved children and communities in complex situations through education and social empowerment for leadership development in all spheres of work and life in India.

In news...

Teaching with a Difference: Founder Madhulika, S. at TEDx, IIM-Ranchi

Arts-based Learning: Madhulika, S. at TEDx, IIT BHU

Adhya's Teaching Model Recognized...

Adhya's teaching model and innovation in English learning using local language, culture and way of life has been listed among top 10 innovations in Asia and Africa in Innovative Secondary Education for Skills Enhancement competition conducted by Results for Development Institute, Washington D.C., supported by Rockefeller Foundation. The proposal was titled, "Arts-based Learning for English Language Skills: Local Culture and Place-based Education, India."

Adhya is now mobile...

There is a huge need in the community for education and development programs and Adhya would like to take the resources available as far as possible so many more schools, teachers and children are impacted. Adhya is now mobile and will reach out to schools and orphanages across Hyderabad for the year 2014-2015. Read more»

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